Elisabeth Kelvin


Maintaining a diverse practice in music performance and visual arts Elisabeth Kelvin energetically and enthusiastically paints what she hears and plays what she sees. Her journey is wholly interdisciplinary as she creates multiple artistic paths as a clarinet and saxophone teacher, performer, composer, and visual artist.

Elisabeth Kelvin’s creative practice blends the visual with the aural. Growing up with a large family of musicians and artists, interest in the correspondences between disciplines seemed natural and she graduated first in both music and art at senior high school.





From a family of musicians and artists, Elisabeth was the first to learn wind instruments and to create non-representational artworks. Playing music in the living room and painting plein air were as much a part of family life as bushwalking and surfing. A Sydney-based recorder teacher/performer, Bernard Tola, was the first to inspire Elisabeth to actually practice. From a suggested therapy to relieve childhood-asthma, to an avid student recorder performer and concert-goer, she was encouraged to set her sights on larger instruments. Her grandfather and cellist gave Elisabeth the first wooden clarinet. She cried with joy. Her clarinet lessons, with Sue Thomas, Gabor Reeves OM, Margery Smith, Prof. Elsa Ludwig-Verdehr (to name a few) filled with more joy than angst, propelled her deeper into the realm of extended clarinet techniques and instruments. The acquisition of a bass clarinet and saxophones was a logical step to in a contemporary direction.

Meanwhile, visually impressed with what an eight-year-old could render with charcoal and shading, her second-grade art teacher invited Elisabeth to present artwork in a sixth grade student exhibition saying, “You are an artist. Never forget that.” Uncles, aunts, friends of the family actively supported Elisabeth’s creative pursuits and from her Viennese grandmother, herself a fine pianist and artist, she received her first professional set of acrylic paints.

Learning piano from her great-grandmother and professional pianist, makes Elisabeth “a pupil, of a pupil, of a pupil, of a pupil of Beethoven.” Learning drawing from her uncle and grandfather makes her “a pupil of a pupil of Lloyd Rees.” It is unimaginable that and correspondences between art and music were not forged with these life experiences.

Elisabeth currently shares her expertise and passion through Teaching Language Through Music, Art, and Movement to children of all ages as well as presenting Workshops and Discovery Sessions to individuals and private groups. These are ideal for brightening lives, boosting moral, and bringing culture into daily activities. After all, we are, at our best, creative creatures. 

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